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Your Leading Custom Air Fryer Manufacturer in China-Kingsen

KingSenKitchen, one of the main personalized air fryer Chinese manufacturer,  is located in the hometown of electric appliance in Ningbo, China. We manufacture high-quality custom air fryer & air fryer oven all over the world with the tight supports from 7 years experience. KingSenKitchen has accumulated lots of experience in air fryer oven design after long period practice.

As a professional air fryer oven manufacturer and supplier in China, KingSenKitchen provide OEM and ODM air fryer oven for importers and distributors. Clients can create your own air fryer & air fryer oven, then send us a picture, drawing or just idea, we can design for you according to your budget. Our air fryer controls quality strictly and obtains CE, Rohs certification. 

You can find all the styles you want at KingSenKitchen!
What Warranty Conditions Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Offer?
Our warranty period is between 1 to 2 years from the date of purchase. However, this only applies to functional defects and not man made defects.
Some of the conditions of the warranty are:
  • The warranty will be applicable only when the air fryer is accompanied with original receipt and copy of the warranty certificate.
  • Our manufacturing warranty covers against defects and entitles you to repair, replacement or refund. The type of action taken is dependent on the extent of malfunction on the air fryer.
  • Air fryers with replaced parts from original parts are not eligible even if the malfunction occurs within the warranty period.
What is the principle of air fryer? What's the difference with oven ratio?

An air fryer is similar to a convection oven (oven plus fan) and uses hot air circulation to cook food, a heating element near the food provides the heat source, and the fan circulates the hot air.

Traditional frying involves completely submerging the food in hot oil (the temperature of the oil is well above the boiling point of water), causing a Maillard reaction at temperatures between 140°C and 165°C. The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that browns food and produces flavor compounds that give food its unique flavor. In contrast, the air fryer uses less oil, reducing the amount of oil by 70%-80% during the frying process of food such as potato chips, and the air fryer has its own food cooking taste, traditional frying There will be a lot of oil leaching into the food to add to the flavor of the oil.

An oven is a common roasting and heating kitchen appliance in daily life, placing food on a shelf and heating it up or down. Compared with traditional ovens, the circulation of air in the air fryer heats the food more evenly, speeds up the cooking speed, and removes the moisture from the surface of the food, achieving a frying-like effect with almost no oil, enhancing the surface of the food. Browned and crispy, traditional ovens tend to make food dry.

You can use a fan to assist the oven to increase air circulation. The principle of this convection oven is basically the same as that of an air fryer. Of course, the air fryer is designed to be more compact, and the fan is closer to the food, which concentrates a lot of heat in a smaller area, compared to convection. Oven cooks faster. Convection ovens are more convenient for cooking large batches of food, but the placement of multiple layers of food also hinders a certain air convection efficiency.