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KingSenKitchen, one of the main personalized air fryer Chinese manufacturer,  is located in the hometown of electric appliance in Ningbo, China. We manufacture high-quality custom air fryer & air fryer oven all over the world with the tight supports from 7 years experience. KingSenKitchen has accumulated lots of experience in air fryer oven design after long period practice.

As a professional air fryer oven manufacturer and supplier in China, KingSenKitchen provide OEM and ODM air fryer oven for importers and distributors. Clients can create your own air fryer & air fryer oven, then send us a picture, drawing or just idea, we can design for you according to your budget. Our air fryer controls quality strictly and obtains CE, Rohs certification. 

You can find all the styles you want at KingSenKitchen!
Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Supply Air Fryer Models With The Energy Star Rating?
Different air fryers consume different electricity energy depending on their capacity.
We supply air fryer with energy rating to inform you about energy consumption and the cost of running it.
The energy levels rating can be mandatory of compulsory depending on their destination.
This label is also a symbol of energy efficiency to customers confirming our quality standard compliance.

Benefits of Air Fryers

What makes air fryers so great is that they come with a whole list of benefits. For starters, they help reduce cooking times—delicious foods, such as potatoes, chicken wings, and burgers can be made in under ten minutes. You can prepare air fryer recipes that are healthy and just as crispy and delicious but with less oil. Note that when we mention healthy food at SELF, we refer to foods that are nutritious, filling, and satisfying—we know “healthy” is a loaded word that can mean different things to different people. “Air fryers can be an efficient tool for creating delicious and healthy meals in less time without compromising your health,” says Laura Gilstrap RD, LD/N, owner of LG Nutrition LLC. “Compared to deep-frying, air fryers can still achieve the beloved 'fried' texture and taste but without the excess oil, resulting in less saturated fat and calories.”


What is the function of air fryer?

The air fryer is a popular small kitchen appliance, so what is the function of the air fryer?

1. What is the function of the air fryer

1. Fried food

The air fryer can be used to fry food, like fried chicken, french fries, fried meatballs, etc. can be made in the air fryer. We put the food to be fried into the air fryer and set the temperature and time. The air fryer can also be used to fry steaks, fry meats, and more.

2. Baked food

The air fryer is equivalent to a small oven, which can be used to bake food. For example, we can use the air fryer to bake pizza, bake egg tarts, bake chicken wings, bake cakes, bake sweet potatoes, etc.

3. Heat food

The air fryer can also be used to heat food, for example, the air fryer can be used to heat food such as bread, hamburgers, egg rolls, fried chicken, etc. When we use the air fryer to heat food, it should be noted that the air fryer usually cannot heat food with high water content such as leftovers, unless the product has a tender steam function.

4. Other functions

There are various air fryer products on the market, and many air fryers also have functions such as defrosting, making yogurt, and fermentation. If there is frozen food at home, we can put the frozen food into the air fryer and press the defrost button to thaw the food.

2. What to pay attention to when using an air fryer

1. When we use the air fryer to cook food, we need to preheat the air fryer a few minutes in advance to heat the air in the air fryer to the temperature required for cooking. This way, when we fry food in the air fryer, the food is heated more evenly and tastes better.

2. When cooking food with an air fryer, if you need to flip the food, you don't need to suspend the air fryer, we can directly take out the frying pan and flip the food. When taking out the frying pan, grab it by the fryer's insulated handle, and not touch the air fryer directly with your hands. Take out the frying pan on a heat-resistant countertop, not directly on a wooden table, etc.