Sep 02, 2022

Ovens and air fryers are both common appliances with similar baking functions. Many families are confused when choosing which one is better, an air fryer or an oven. In fact, if you don't pursue professional baking results and large production volumes, an air fryer will be more suitable for home use than an oven. Let's take a closer look at the comparison between air fryer and oven.

1. Air fryers work faster than ovens.

Due to the different working principles of the two, there will be differences in work efficiency. The air fryer mainly relies on hot air circulation, and can directly enter the working state without preheating. The oven is heated by the upper and lower tubes, and each time it needs to be preheated for up to ten minutes before work. Many times, when the oven is preheated, the air fryer is ready for food.

Although the oven is not as efficient as the air fryer, it is incomparable to the air fryer when it comes to baking. If you also want to make durian cakes and egg tarts at home, you may wish to buy an oven.

2. Air fryers are easier to clean than ovens.

The more oil you have during the roasting process, the more food residue is created. The air fryer does not need to put oil or only needs a small amount of oil when grilling food, and it produces very little splashes, and it is small and exquisite, and there are not many places to clean. When the oven is baking food, it is often necessary to brush more oil to prevent the food from being scorched, resulting in more food residues and oil stains, and the large size makes it inconvenient to clean.

3. Air fryers produce healthier food than ovens.

The food made in the air fryer uses less oil to achieve the effect of frying and roasting, and it tastes healthier. However, oven-baked food generally requires more oil, and long-term consumption is not conducive to human health and is prone to three highs.

Compared with the air fryer, the oven is nothing more than a more precise temperature control and a larger capacity, which is suitable for professional baking. The air fryer, small and exquisite, works quickly, and can meet the baking needs of ordinary families, so it is more suitable for home use.

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