Aug 22, 2022

Summary: I found that many people buy oil-free air fryers, and they will have a headache in the way of cleaning, but we buy air fryers for convenience. If you worry about it, it's not worth it. The following is the editor from a mother. There are 4 small ways to clean the oil-free air fryer that I learned from there, so that you can easily clean the air fryer without effort, come and see!

       How to clean the air fryer Cleaning and maintenance guide for the air fryer

  1. Be good at cleaning tools with oil-free air fryers

  It should be related to the material of the inner pot of the oil-free air fryer, so it is not suitable for use with a steel brush. It is recommended to use a sponge, a rag, a bristle brush for cleaning (the brush can clean the edge of the net), and an enzyme cleaner, which is also a good helper for cleaning! Just take out the inner tank and net of the air fryer and soak it in warm water and enzyme powder. Removes leftover food residues with ease.

  2. Air fryer cleaning tools

  Bristle brush: It's really a hard job to brush oil-free air fryers, but if you have an easy-to-use bristle brush, you can lose a lot of the troubles of mortals. You have to find this by yourself, and it's ok if you use it easily~

  Enzyme cleaner: Enzyme cleaning solution is the most essential thing to clean the oil-free air fryer! Pour the cleaning agent into the inner pot of the oil-free air fryer with grease, soak it for a while and then brush it, it will be clean immediately, that’s it Magical, haha ​​O(∩_∩)O~~

  3. Spray oil on the frying wire or cover with baking paper before use

  Before handling the head meat, preheat and spray some cooking oil in the pan, or line it with baking paper, so as to prevent the meat from sticking. However, be aware that spreading the baking paper may affect the ripening speed of the ingredients, so the cooking time and temperature must be increased, and the number of turns can be increased.

  4. Wash it after each use, don't leave it for the next time

  After each use, remember to soak in hot water before cleaning. Some people will wait until the next time to wash, which is easy to produce dirt, and it will breed bacteria, which is very bad, the editor reminds this is not good~ In addition! The internal material of the oil-free air fryer is not allowed For cleaning with a steel brush, it is better to use a small brush or a bristle brush~


  @Pour out the residual oil at the bottom of the pot after use.

  @Pour detergent and warm water (or enzyme detergent) into the inner pot and pot and soak for a few minutes, but be careful not to use irritating or corrosive detergents, which are not only bad for your life but also for your health.

  @Use sponges, brushes and bristle brushes to assist in cleaning the inner pot and frying net

  @After the oil-free air fryer has reached its temperature, wipe the outside with a rag dampened with water, and wipe it several times with a clean rag.

  @After cleaning, you can put the frying net and the chassis in a cool place to dry.

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